A Designer.
Problem Solver.

I'm Samet (Sam) Erpik. Highly dynamic, creative and innovative Lead UX / UI Designer, able to think outside the box and develop customer centric, meaningful mobile apps, websites and web platforms directed at customer needs. Entrepreneurial spirit, possessing over 8 years expertise across commercial and start-up businesses, leading UX/UI design projects from inception to completion, transforming prototypes, devising digital customer journeys, leading design testing and driving customer experience through continuous improvement initiatives.

Adept at problem solving through simple, alternative solutions, now looking to develop a career into new Lead UX / UI Designer challenge, where I am, confident to deliver outstanding results.

What I Do

UX Design Strategy

Movement does not mean progress. It’s just as important to focus on the medium and long term as it is to have a well-designed usable product.

Web Apps & Corporate Sites

This is where problem solving meets visual impact. I’ll unite products and users, design and experiences. To learn more about how I arrive at the final solutions and why, take a look through my recent work WinMan Advance ERP Software case study and Fizzbox self-listing platorm.

Mobile App Design

Using iOS, Android and an expert vision, I’ll take your application to the next level. If you have a mobile app idea, I will go through research, specification, creating wireframes building a prototype, testing and project handing over to developers.

Design Systems

Efficiency is the key to a well-functioning design team. I’ve worked on early Design Systems at Fizzbox.

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What I use

All my of projects start with pen and paper first

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